If only we could be comforted by paintings of modern people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the world. (The Mission, 2023)
For those who are tired of everyday life, there is an artist who comforts them with his paintings. Christian artist Ahn Malgeum (71).
Ahn, whom we met at the headquarters of The Korea Times in Yeouido, Seoul, on Aug. 28, is also a deacon at Yeouido Full Gospel Church. She is participating in the "2nd AIAM & ADAGP Global Alliance Membership Exhibition" at Gallery Raon in Deunggye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, for one month from May 1.
Ahn's dance piece this year is called "Sleepless Modern People. "God loves human beings without limits, but modern people are so foolish that they live away from God," he said, "and they are so busy that they often don't get enough sleep. I wanted to paint a work that would comfort them," she said. "I hope that sometimes they can let go of the burdens of life," he added.
This year, she is participating in the exhibition with her daughter, artist Han Sun-mi (41). "All life created by a loving God is beautiful and meaningful, and I expressed that beauty through the deer," Han said.
Ahn was recognized by the industry in 2020 when she was named a life member of the Fondation Taylor in France. She was awarded the 2018 ADAGP Global Rights Holder Award for Outstanding Artist and the 2019 Espinouveau Popular Award. This year, he was honored with the Outstanding Artist Award at the 2023 Salon des Arts et des Sciences in Paris, France. She currently lives and works in Merzig, Germany.
The exhibition was organized for artists from both countries to exchange with each other through painting. It is co-organized by AIAM (Association Internationale d'André Malraux), an official international cultural and artistic exchange organization under the French Ministry of Culture, and ADAGP (Association of Global Authors), an authorized organization under the IAA (International Association of Sculptors). Twenty-seven Korean and French artists will present one work each.

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