A rough road in the wilderness...His love was with me (2022, Kookmin Ilbo)
The news of wars and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many people feeling overwhelmed. Add to that the sweltering heat and you've got a recipe for relaxation. In their way, these artists bring a biblical worldview to their artwork, bringing comfort and solace to people.
The canvas is covered in reddish desert sand. A path of blue light, like a waterway, crosses under the dunes, giving a dark and desolate atmosphere. The work is titled 'Road in the Wilderness, River in the Desert' by Kim Jin-sook.
In her introduction, Kim writes, "Looking back, I've walked a rough and tough wilderness road, a lonely desert road, and I didn't know it at the time. His love was with me, protecting and guiding me through the tears... I look forward to Him who does new things even though those who are lacking."
Kim's work can be seen at the '2022 Light and Life Exhibition', an art exhibition organized by the World Trade Organization for Information Technology and Civilian Cooperation (WTIT, Chairman Kim Jung-joong) and the CTS Cultural Foundation (Chairman Gam Kyung-chul), which will be held online until the 15th of next month.
The exhibition is designed to raise funds to build IT centers in underprivileged places around the world and send IT volunteers to serve the next generation. It was organized by Art Mission (Chairperson Kim Jung-hee), and artists who are active in their respective fields, including Kim, Yoo Yeo-hye, Seo Jah-hyun, Jeon Tae-young, and Kim Yong-sung, participated.
In particular, the exhibition will also showcase NFT works. NFT stands for non-fungible token and refers to digital assets using blockchain technology. FMnC Missionary Society, a missionary organization specializing in technology and science, will collect the faces of 400 people who are meaningful for IT missions by the 15th of this month and make them into one NFT work. The name of the work is 'IMAGE OF GOD' (Image of God).
The exhibition works can be viewed by accessing the internet site 'Gallery 360'. "You can move around the exhibition hall online and view the artwork in 3D from a distance or up close," said the organizers, "and you can freely zoom in and out of the artwork to feel the detailed texture of the artwork, giving you a realistic experience."
Deacon Ahn Mal-geum (70, Full Gospel Church, Yeouido), a Western painter who made a name for himself in the industry when she was named a life member of the Taylor Foundation in France in 2020, uses the biblical value of respect for life in his paintings to deliver an anti-war message.
This is the case at the "1st AIAM & ADAGP Global Alliance Members Exhibition" at Gallery Raon in Deokgye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, from March 16 to 31. The exhibition is organized by AIAM, an official international cultural and artistic exchange organization under the French Ministry of Culture, and ADAGP, an authorized organization under the IAA (International Association of Sculptors). Twenty-five works by Korean and French artists will be on display, and the exhibition is designed to bring artists from both countries together.
Deacon Ahn, whose work is titled 'Against War', said, "When we watch the news about war, we are confronted with devastating scenes of evacuation lines, destroyed buildings, and many people bleeding to death. "Our lives, given to us by God, are irreplaceable and precious. We hope that such a brutal war will never happen again."

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