Ahn Malgeum Invitational Solo Exhibition (2017.02)
The name of the painter Ahn Mal-geum is unique as if his purity of heart and art is in his name. Her works are as clear and as green as his name. Ahn's first impression is that she is a quiet, unspoiled artist who has been working on his art with joyful abandon in his domain.
She was once influenced by the Dutch painter Rembrandt and immersed himself in Rembrandt's soul and work, after establishing his artistic foundation by depicting Rembrandt's works, his works create the illusion of resembling Rembrandt at first glance, but upon closer inspection, there are traces of Anmalgum's efforts to have his perspective.
In the contemporary art world, where abstract paintings have become commonplace and traditional forms of expression are being ignored, Ahn is a painter who is making his new formative attempts while maintaining freedom and visible facts.
Ahn's religious paintings are unique, intense, marvelous, and tempting to a world of transcendence, unlike those of pattern painters, as his works emerge through stubborn beads of sweat in his studio.
She depicts his childhood experiences and curiosities in his self-portraits, and his preference for self-portrait series is not only a personal preference but also an influence of his worldview and life perspective.
In Ahn's work, we can see a spirit world that wants to express the creation, light, and life energy found in joy. She also shows a special perspective of paying attention to things that people don't pay attention to and giving permanence to their existence.

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